Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wedding planning

Planning a wedding in a tough economy can add even more stress to your life.  We're not all made of money, but you want the decor at the wedding to be beautiful. 

Here are some simple tips to help save money and make your wedding spectacular!

*Use the linens the reception venue provides (they might be just white or ivory cotton, but many venues are offering a wide array of colored linens)

*A simple way to achieve height with your centerpieces is to use tall glass vases filled with water and branches (curly willow, quince or manzanita branches are great choices)  add some hanging votives and maybe a few blooms to dress it up a bit

*Add candles everywhere (dress up mantles with varrying heights of pillar candles, put pillar candles in the fireplace during hot months, line pathways with paper bag luminaries, use a ecletic collection of jars and vintage mason jars for luminaries which you can fill with pebbles to weigh down)

*Have less guests and a smaller bridal party (more guests equals more centerpieces and a bigger bridal party means more bouquets, everything adds up)

*Pick one or two main flowers and use them throughout the wedding (utilizing one flower and having monochromatic designs helps save money)

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