Wednesday, October 27, 2010

La Cupola Ristorante & Inn (Deserving Couple)

As November approaches I am so happy that Christina and Dustin are joining us in Connecticut to discuss the details for their October 2011 wedding.  They are one of our very deserving couples for 2011.  The wedding ceremony and reception will be held at La Cupola Ristorante & Inn.  This really cute and romantic Italian villa set into the rolling hills of Litchfield, Connecticut.

Amy from Chandelier Events will be teaming up with us to design one simply gorgeous New England wedding that the couple is sure to remember for quite some time!  We're overly thrilled that Christina and Dustin are able to make the trip to Connecticut for a long weekend of exciting plans and a little relaxation.  So many of their wonderfully talented vendors are also making the trip to Connecticut.  AriaDress has graciously donated a gown for the bride as well as very trendy bridesmaids gowns.  LOVE their dresses!  Stacey Ilyse Photography will be capturing all of the wonderful details of this couples wedding. (and believe me there are going to be a TON of jaw dropping details!) Sara Faella has offered to take care of the bride's hair (as well as a couture hair piece for her) and make-up and she'll be enjoying a spa day at The Spa at Litchfield Hills the day before her wedding!  Fizz Paperie will be custom creating all of the couple's stationery pieces for the wedding.  Jillian's work is to die for! 

 During this weekend we'll be discussing the overall design concept for their wedding, tasting the mouth watering menu and sampling scrumptious cake selections from Kelly's Sweet Rewards.  I'm so excited for everyone to meet and to meet the couple (finally) in person and for them to get the chance to meet the incredible team of wedding professionals that are helping create their wedding!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Two of my favorite seasons

When we initially planned our wedding, we selected September 2001.  Then for family reasons we moved the date to June 2002.  I've always believed that everything in our lives happens for a reason.  Whether it is to test us as a couple or to make us stronger individuals, everything has it's purpose.  I remember September 11th weekend clearly.  Because of the horrible attack on New York of the twin towers and the whole country mourning.  With planes grounded we had to use what ever was already in the wholesaler's coolers.  Nothing was able to fly in.  Faith and a little improvising helped us to create a beautiful wedding that weekend.  I guess God had a reason to guide us to the spring of the following year.

Two of my absolute favorite seasons are fall and winter.  I love the harvest and the celebration of those two seasons.  The reflection of us as a couple is strong within the comforts of home and things that we love.  Growing up on a farm, where we grew our own vegetables, canned tomato sauce and made many things by hand we're quite crafty people.  Which (thankfully to my grandmother) who gave me a little guidance with this whole floral design thing I've been able to create wonders of joy for many couples.  Which ever the season you choose to be married, let it be a time that has a personal connection to you both.  Everyone in your family (if they are anything like my family) will have their opinions about when and where.  It's important to take them into consideration, but not to let them make the ultimate decision for you since it's your wedding, not theirs. 
Fall is a glorious collection of harvest season, colors of Mother nature and a celebration of life.  Twigs, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and evergreens are abundant during winter.  Simplistic vases filled with cranberries, water and floating candles can add that pop of color to your reception.

Family style tables are a trendy new way to entertain at your reception.  Guests can enjoy conversations in a way you'll never be able to at a traditional round table.  For a gorgeous look that everyone will enjoy you can line the center of the table with sparkling glass cylinder vases (in various sizes/heights) simply filled with fruits and vegetables.  Of course, along with a ton of candle light and more touches of fruits/veggies on the table as well.  Because the more candles the more intimate and romantic atmosphere you'll create.  Glass can be a modern way to add life and interest to your reception tables.  Depending on the season and your color palette, there are a ton of options including gourds, mini pumpkins (either white or orange), fancy eggplants, mini pears, limequats, kumquats, lady gala apples or even loose grains.  Add a few glass bud vases or vintage glasses with single blooms of garden roses or fresh herbs for fabulous fragrance and wonderful texture.

Real wedding at Simsbury Inn

By: Jessica Robinson
This pretty summer wedding was at Ethel Walker Chapel in Simsbury, Connecticut and reception following at the Simsbury Inn.  Two absolutely stunning locations.  The chapel is simplistic and very elegant.  Beautiful white woodwork and creamy color walls, incredible windows letting natural sunlight in and big chapel doors.

I used pink carnations for spheres on every other pew for a really pretty decoration to the aisle.  Carnations can be a really inexpensive, yet dramatic way to decorate church doors, pew ends or even your escort table.  They are colorful, fluffy and when crafted together into spheres, wreaths or covering an entire table can make stunning decor.  For long family style tables we create a snake of sorts (completely out of roses or carnations), that weaves amongst the candles and glassware.  Simplistic yet completely overwhelming and absolutely stunning! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweet senstations

Fall can be one of the most very romantic seasons in New England to get married.  Mother nature gives us her treasures of the growths of summer.  Colors are stunning during the fall and the smells amazing.  The weather can be perfect for an outdoor ceremony.  This wedding was at Jonathan Edwards Winery in North Stonington, Connecticut.  It's a gorgeous winery that has fields of vineyards flowing the rich earthy hills.  Their are plentiful wineries and vineyards throughout New England and beyond where you can host your wedding.  During fall, it's the perfect place to celebrate the juicy harvest. 

Personally, I love unique venues such as your favorite winery or empty barn.  It's the character of the natural surroundings that make it so very special and surely, an evening to remember.  When you walk into the venue you'll ultimately select to host your wedding it's an emotional feeling that just takes over all of your senses.  For me, I truly believe that everything in life has it's purpose and things are meant to be.  I strongly believe that your wedding is a reflection of your personality and therefore should be an event you are comfortable with.

Now that wedding season is coming to an end we'll be busy crafting ideas for fabulous photo shoots for the new upcoming year and trendy weddings that will truly inspire you.  I absolutely love when a new client comes in and makes my mind spin out of control.  It it about creating a look you've never created before to make guests heads turn and create a wedding into a stunning transformation of beauty. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seasonal flowers

When you select your wedding date and have the initial details nailed down, think about your decor.  If decor is really important to you be inspired by the season you've selected.  Personally, I feel that sometimes having a design concept that is simplistic can be utterly pretty.  Know that by selecting seasonal flowers (and letting your floral designer help you with suggestions/decor ideas) you'll get much more bang for the buck!

For a spring wedding I love the idea of low cylinder vases filled with an abundance of tulips.  Just tulips, maybe a great green leaf wrapped inside the vase or some thin twigs twisted around the perimeter of the vase. (which adds a little extra touch of detail)  The more candles the better.  Beeswax or soy candles are a great choice.  But, keep in mind they are more money than the traditional paraffin wax candle.  Manzanita branches in vases add height to any wedding reception with tall ceilings.  Hanging luminaries and depending on the particular season, crystals, leaves or other adornments. 
Summer blooms are among us.  Roses, mini calla lilies, orchids and dahlias are perfect blooms for summer.  Dahlia blooms and zinnias are lush and abundant during summer months.  They are lovely just by themselves in bud vases and vintage glass drinking cups.  Add some candles and viola you have a pretty and simplistic look for any wedding.  Start off with a white crisp linen and add color with the flowers.  Gerbera daisies

One of my personal favorite seasons in New England is fall.  Autumn leaves are gracefully floating from the skies above gliding their way down to cover the grass with earthy colors of love.  Buy things local, from area farms and save a bushel of money!  You can get colorful squashes, heirloom tomatoes, ghost pumpkins and interesting shaped gourds to bring together any fall look.  Branches are fun in the fall as well.  Glass vases filled with bosc pears (which also are available in a mini size) add texture and color to your table settings.  Lady galla apples are the perfect fall touch of red and amber colors yet simply say fall.  You can get wonderful holiday ornaments that look like glittery fall leaves and acorns.  They make the evening sparkle hanging from branch centerpieces.

Winter love is flavorful.  Winter greenery adds fragrance and texture to any romantic snow filled wedding.  Fireplaces aglow with wood burning logs and mantles covered with candlelight add sense of warmth.  Winter brings back so many childhood memories for me, personally.  If it's the same with you, offer S'mores, hot chocolate with marshmallows, snow covered winter nights and cinnamon sticks.  You can go to your local Christmas tree grower and purchase trimmed greens for great prices.  Ask for a collection of different evergreens for wonderful fragrance and a mix of textures and colors. 

With what ever the season you marry in.  Ask your floral designer for creative suggestions to achieve the perfect look for your decor.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New things to come for weddings

By: Jessica Robinson
With the new year quickly approaching (I know... can you believe it?) we're about to open a new studio in the heart of Collinsville, Connecticut.  It's this quaint little historical town bursting at the seams with history.  It's a town filled with many artists and creative minds.

As fall is upon us and winter nearing.  I love some of the things mother nature supplies us for decorations.  With your fall or winter weddings, enjoy the natural glow of candles and even wood burning fireplaces.  There are so many fabulous vegetables, pumpkins and gourds that make incredible earthy touches to your decor.  Fill bushel baskets with locally grown apples and cluster them to the entrance of the reception venue.  For a pretty barn wedding, drape natural muslin over the doorway for a beautiful and inviting entrance to the reception.  I'm completely in love with family style reception tables vs. the traditional round tables.  They are romantic and so very different.  I love reception venues that are willing to work with you and think outside the box.  The best reception venue is a blank space where you get to design something all your own from the ground up.  Cluster an eclectic mix of vintage glass vases with garden roses, beeswax candles in mason jars and seasonal blooms or vegetables down the length of the table for an inviting atmosphere and it's sure to be the talk of the town.

As a designer, I find many things inspire me.  Creative minds are constantly coming up with new ways to decorate a wedding and add romance to any event.  Because couples have their own distinct style and personalities, we love getting to know our clients.  You become family to us.  We'll chat for hours over ideas and come up with something that will absolutely blow you away!  Meet us for coffee, a light lunch or even dinner.  If we can get to know you better, we'll be able to design wedding decor that fits you perfectly.

Some of the weddings we have for next year are simply amazing!  From the fancy hotel wedding, private clubs and estates to the rustic barn wedding.  We're excited to be a part of a very special day to each and every one of our clients!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Planning a wedding in a down economy

Planning a wedding in tough economic times
By: Jessica Robinson

    In these very trying times it takes a little more creativity to plan the wedding of your dreams and stay within your desired budget.  Think outside the box and with some smart thinking and planning you'll be able to enjoy your cake and eat it too.  Even with a tough economy, people still get married.  It's about thinking and planning a little different to save money and still enjoy the day.
    Create your guest list, then tour facilities.  Remember that everything adds up.  The more guests you invite, the more meals you'll need to pay for, more centerpieces, rentals and such.  With a slightly smaller guest list, you'll be able to choose a more unique venue and possibly save big bucks.  Many smaller reception sites offer a more intimate setting and custom menu options to suit your every palette.  They also are more flexible time lines.  Who says you have to have a fancy sit down dinner with all the embellishments and touches.  The front porch of a local Inn would be completely romantic with guests sipping tangy lemonade and sweet tea.  Serve a simple picnic style lunch and bring back childhood memories for guests.  This can be a really unique and fun option for a summer or early fall wedding.  
    With less guests, you can locate a venue that maybe wouldn't normally host weddings.  This can be a very intimate and romantic option for your reception.  I love the idea of having less than 50 guests on a Friday or early Sunday afternoon.  Invite close friends and immediate family only.  There are many options for venues, including smaller restaurants with small private banquet/conference rooms, Inns and even a great rustic barn. 

    Do your research before booking the venue.  Ask them what comes with the rental (i.e. do they include the catering costs, tables, chairs, basic linens and china, etc.??) and what you are responsible for.  Are you only allowed to pick from one or two caterers?  That can be good and bad.  On one hand, the caterer really knows the venue well.  On the other hand, you could be stuck with using them and spending more money than you really wanted to.  

Here are some of my favorite venues for an intimate New England wedding:

Go with one or two types of flowers and one color.  Loose blooms in a collection of bud vases (which you can pick up at Ikea or flea markets/tag sales) look wonderful down a family style table clustered with an abundance of candles.  Simple and really pretty.

What ever you do, budget yourself and try to stick with that budget.  Don't let everyone's opinion (and believe me, they'll all have one) sway your decisions too much! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Details to the wedding

With any wedding and any budget for that matter, you can find simple ways to add tons of fabulous detail to your wedding.  For me (the very savoy shopper) I try to find things at places you may not normally think of.  I personally love Pier One, Ocean State Job Lot, Home Depot, Target, Marshalls, TJ Max, yard sales, flea markets and even on Ebay. 

You can save money by choosing one color tone, limiting yourself to two types of flowers and use lots of candles.  Buying in volume of one type of flower and one color palette can generally give you a price break.  My favorites would be dendrobium orchids and tons of roses. (probably white orchids and 'Faith' color roses with a touch of 'Miranda' garden roses.. mostly white flowers with a simple splash of color will transform any space)  Find a great price on pillar candles at Christmas Tree Shops or Ikea.  Just keep in mind, most reception venues require everything be contained in some sort of glass vessel for fire hazard reasons. 

Buy off season and save a bundle!  I find the best deals shopping off season.  At the end of summer, you can find amazing prices on glassware, lanterns/luminaries and decor items.  As long as you plan ahead of time (come up with some ideas of how you would like to decorate) and you have some extra space to store the items (possibly a garage).  Another great find... Goodwill stores.  You can find glassware and many vintage finds at wonderful prices.  My uncle loves tag sales and usually scours the newspapers every weekend for me.  He'll look for listings that say vintage glassware, Tiara ware and even estate sales.  (use caution with estate sales, sometimes it's not the best prices)

I find really wonderful things to use for detailing on bouquets at Forever 21 stores and some of the accessory stores in the mall.  Etsy and Ebay are great as well.  Look for vintage rhinestone buttons, shoe clips and broaches.  I have even found wonderful pins or broaches in consignment shops.  Keep your options open and keep your eyes peeled for fabulous finds!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Barn weddings

I'm completely in LOVE with barn weddings lately!  You can have the romantic and pure sophistication with a touch of rustic New England.  Because many times the barns are a basic blank canvas, you can create a look that is truly all your own.
Some pretty amazing venues are:
Riverside Farm in Vermont
The West Monitor Barn in Vermont
The Barn at Boyden Farm
The Smith Barn 
The Barn at Gibbet Hill in Massachusetts
The Webb Barn (Connecticut)
Old Sturbridge Village in Massacusetts