Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweet senstations

Fall can be one of the most very romantic seasons in New England to get married.  Mother nature gives us her treasures of the growths of summer.  Colors are stunning during the fall and the smells amazing.  The weather can be perfect for an outdoor ceremony.  This wedding was at Jonathan Edwards Winery in North Stonington, Connecticut.  It's a gorgeous winery that has fields of vineyards flowing the rich earthy hills.  Their are plentiful wineries and vineyards throughout New England and beyond where you can host your wedding.  During fall, it's the perfect place to celebrate the juicy harvest. 

Personally, I love unique venues such as your favorite winery or empty barn.  It's the character of the natural surroundings that make it so very special and surely, an evening to remember.  When you walk into the venue you'll ultimately select to host your wedding it's an emotional feeling that just takes over all of your senses.  For me, I truly believe that everything in life has it's purpose and things are meant to be.  I strongly believe that your wedding is a reflection of your personality and therefore should be an event you are comfortable with.

Now that wedding season is coming to an end we'll be busy crafting ideas for fabulous photo shoots for the new upcoming year and trendy weddings that will truly inspire you.  I absolutely love when a new client comes in and makes my mind spin out of control.  It it about creating a look you've never created before to make guests heads turn and create a wedding into a stunning transformation of beauty. 

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