Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seasonal flowers

When you select your wedding date and have the initial details nailed down, think about your decor.  If decor is really important to you be inspired by the season you've selected.  Personally, I feel that sometimes having a design concept that is simplistic can be utterly pretty.  Know that by selecting seasonal flowers (and letting your floral designer help you with suggestions/decor ideas) you'll get much more bang for the buck!

For a spring wedding I love the idea of low cylinder vases filled with an abundance of tulips.  Just tulips, maybe a great green leaf wrapped inside the vase or some thin twigs twisted around the perimeter of the vase. (which adds a little extra touch of detail)  The more candles the better.  Beeswax or soy candles are a great choice.  But, keep in mind they are more money than the traditional paraffin wax candle.  Manzanita branches in vases add height to any wedding reception with tall ceilings.  Hanging luminaries and depending on the particular season, crystals, leaves or other adornments. 
Summer blooms are among us.  Roses, mini calla lilies, orchids and dahlias are perfect blooms for summer.  Dahlia blooms and zinnias are lush and abundant during summer months.  They are lovely just by themselves in bud vases and vintage glass drinking cups.  Add some candles and viola you have a pretty and simplistic look for any wedding.  Start off with a white crisp linen and add color with the flowers.  Gerbera daisies

One of my personal favorite seasons in New England is fall.  Autumn leaves are gracefully floating from the skies above gliding their way down to cover the grass with earthy colors of love.  Buy things local, from area farms and save a bushel of money!  You can get colorful squashes, heirloom tomatoes, ghost pumpkins and interesting shaped gourds to bring together any fall look.  Branches are fun in the fall as well.  Glass vases filled with bosc pears (which also are available in a mini size) add texture and color to your table settings.  Lady galla apples are the perfect fall touch of red and amber colors yet simply say fall.  You can get wonderful holiday ornaments that look like glittery fall leaves and acorns.  They make the evening sparkle hanging from branch centerpieces.

Winter love is flavorful.  Winter greenery adds fragrance and texture to any romantic snow filled wedding.  Fireplaces aglow with wood burning logs and mantles covered with candlelight add sense of warmth.  Winter brings back so many childhood memories for me, personally.  If it's the same with you, offer S'mores, hot chocolate with marshmallows, snow covered winter nights and cinnamon sticks.  You can go to your local Christmas tree grower and purchase trimmed greens for great prices.  Ask for a collection of different evergreens for wonderful fragrance and a mix of textures and colors. 

With what ever the season you marry in.  Ask your floral designer for creative suggestions to achieve the perfect look for your decor.

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