Monday, October 25, 2010

Two of my favorite seasons

When we initially planned our wedding, we selected September 2001.  Then for family reasons we moved the date to June 2002.  I've always believed that everything in our lives happens for a reason.  Whether it is to test us as a couple or to make us stronger individuals, everything has it's purpose.  I remember September 11th weekend clearly.  Because of the horrible attack on New York of the twin towers and the whole country mourning.  With planes grounded we had to use what ever was already in the wholesaler's coolers.  Nothing was able to fly in.  Faith and a little improvising helped us to create a beautiful wedding that weekend.  I guess God had a reason to guide us to the spring of the following year.

Two of my absolute favorite seasons are fall and winter.  I love the harvest and the celebration of those two seasons.  The reflection of us as a couple is strong within the comforts of home and things that we love.  Growing up on a farm, where we grew our own vegetables, canned tomato sauce and made many things by hand we're quite crafty people.  Which (thankfully to my grandmother) who gave me a little guidance with this whole floral design thing I've been able to create wonders of joy for many couples.  Which ever the season you choose to be married, let it be a time that has a personal connection to you both.  Everyone in your family (if they are anything like my family) will have their opinions about when and where.  It's important to take them into consideration, but not to let them make the ultimate decision for you since it's your wedding, not theirs. 
Fall is a glorious collection of harvest season, colors of Mother nature and a celebration of life.  Twigs, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and evergreens are abundant during winter.  Simplistic vases filled with cranberries, water and floating candles can add that pop of color to your reception.

Family style tables are a trendy new way to entertain at your reception.  Guests can enjoy conversations in a way you'll never be able to at a traditional round table.  For a gorgeous look that everyone will enjoy you can line the center of the table with sparkling glass cylinder vases (in various sizes/heights) simply filled with fruits and vegetables.  Of course, along with a ton of candle light and more touches of fruits/veggies on the table as well.  Because the more candles the more intimate and romantic atmosphere you'll create.  Glass can be a modern way to add life and interest to your reception tables.  Depending on the season and your color palette, there are a ton of options including gourds, mini pumpkins (either white or orange), fancy eggplants, mini pears, limequats, kumquats, lady gala apples or even loose grains.  Add a few glass bud vases or vintage glasses with single blooms of garden roses or fresh herbs for fabulous fragrance and wonderful texture.

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