Monday, October 25, 2010

Real wedding at Simsbury Inn

By: Jessica Robinson
This pretty summer wedding was at Ethel Walker Chapel in Simsbury, Connecticut and reception following at the Simsbury Inn.  Two absolutely stunning locations.  The chapel is simplistic and very elegant.  Beautiful white woodwork and creamy color walls, incredible windows letting natural sunlight in and big chapel doors.

I used pink carnations for spheres on every other pew for a really pretty decoration to the aisle.  Carnations can be a really inexpensive, yet dramatic way to decorate church doors, pew ends or even your escort table.  They are colorful, fluffy and when crafted together into spheres, wreaths or covering an entire table can make stunning decor.  For long family style tables we create a snake of sorts (completely out of roses or carnations), that weaves amongst the candles and glassware.  Simplistic yet completely overwhelming and absolutely stunning! 

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