Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feeling better and self-motivation

By: Jessica Robinson

I've ALWAYS believed that everything happens for a reason and that positive energy brings good things.  The world can be a very cruel place and competitive environment. 

Over the last few years I've developed an amazing company, written two books, had two kids, bought a home and tried to update the yard a bit.  I've also helped my parents with their farm and company by developing new products and promoting sales.  SO needless to say, my life is crazy.

I've learned that I need to make time for myself.  As selfish as that might sound.  It's true.  If I feel better, I'm a better wife, mother, daughter and business person.  I've started a re-energizing mission with Amie from Waterfalls: A Spa on the Farmington River.  She's amazing! She's very motivated and a powerful woman.  We're going to be doing different facials, massages and eating better together.  It's time to make a difference. 

I've already set my mark with design.  Now, it's time to set it personally.  Of course, this will probably motivate me even more to do something crazy and over the top with design too!

With Love! Jessica

Busy summer months

By: Jessica Robinson

It's such a crazy time of year for our company.  Wedding after wedding, different looks, unique ideas and more thoughts on how to make weddings different.  We're also squeezing in a vacation and a few long weekends this year.  (which is honestly, something we haven't done in a long time!)
Right now, we're focused on some pretty wonderful weddings we're designing and a fall-inspired shoot that we're doing with some great vendors soon.  I'll sit down at night around the fire pit and brainstorm ideas.  It's a constant mind shuffling of "oh, that would be so cool" or "what if we did this..."

Weddings (to us) are about a tremendous amount of detail.  Layer upon layer of superb detail, adding interest and making your eye move to see what's next.  It's also way more beyond the flowers.  I LOVE the flowers, but our design goes into the table setting, the china, how the flatware is presented, desserts, favors and stationery items.  We LOVE details!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fall inspired shoot

By: Jessica Robinson

Our design team is taking a few weeks off to enjoy the summer sun and beach tides.  But, before we do... we wanted to share a little fall inspiration we are working on.

FALL is one of my favorite seasons in New England.  I LOVE the autumn breezes, rich hues of amber, red and green fading slowly.  The farmer's markets are full with fabulous harvest picks such as plump apples, acorn squash and sweet local honey.
My creative brain is wrapped around this stunning cake.  It's inspiring our fall themed shoot.  Fall can be romantic and purely stunning sophistication for an event.  The weather has cooled down a bit and yet the evenings are still warm enough to be outside to enjoy the stars shining up above us.  This cake is by: Zoe Clark Cakes