Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy summer months

By: Jessica Robinson

It's such a crazy time of year for our company.  Wedding after wedding, different looks, unique ideas and more thoughts on how to make weddings different.  We're also squeezing in a vacation and a few long weekends this year.  (which is honestly, something we haven't done in a long time!)
Right now, we're focused on some pretty wonderful weddings we're designing and a fall-inspired shoot that we're doing with some great vendors soon.  I'll sit down at night around the fire pit and brainstorm ideas.  It's a constant mind shuffling of "oh, that would be so cool" or "what if we did this..."

Weddings (to us) are about a tremendous amount of detail.  Layer upon layer of superb detail, adding interest and making your eye move to see what's next.  It's also way more beyond the flowers.  I LOVE the flowers, but our design goes into the table setting, the china, how the flatware is presented, desserts, favors and stationery items.  We LOVE details!

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