Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Planning ahead

By: Jessica Robinson

I've always been a planner.  I have an excellent memory.  I pretty much can recall every inquiry, the details of that wedding and can tell you from looking at photos the names of our clients and where their wedding was.  Details are so important to us, which is probably why we are so good at what we do!

When planning a wedding, it's a good idea to plan ahead.  Know that during certain times of the year (i.e. Mother's day, May and June, fourth of July weekend, September and November we are crazy busy) dates fill quickly.  Because we only book one or two major events per weekend and we strive to give our clients the utmost perfection as well as elite customer service.  So, call ahead and schedule a consultation with us to at least discuss the initial ideas.  Even if you don't have a clue of what you want, we'll help you figure it all out!

We've been swamped with new inquiries over the last few weeks.  I think as the new year approaches everyone starts to think wedding again.  They are ready to spring clean, take the tree down and get everything in order for their wedding.  I LOVE meeting new couples and having to be challenged to come up with fresh design concepts.  It keeps me on my toes!  I'm thankful that each weekend is something different.  That we're NOT designing the same cookie cutter wedding every weekend!  I LOVE that each wedding is a true representation of each amazing couple we get to work with! 

(above photos by JCF & Jamie Collins Photography

A few great questions to ask any wedding floral designer:
How many events do you design per weekend?
Do they exclusively design for weddings and events?
Do they design holiday arrangements?
How many years have you been in business?
Do they have reviews you can see from past clients?  (ask for references)
Do you have business insurance?
How many times can you meet with them prior to the wedding?
Will they design samples of your bouquet and centerpiece/table setting? **Is that an additional charge?
What happens if you (the designer) gets sick or is unable to design the wedding?
What types of flowers are available at the time I'm getting married?
Will the designer deliver and set up on the day of your wedding?
Is there an additional fee for delivery and set up?

**I also find it's helpful that you understand the difference between an event floral designer vs. the traditional florist.  An event floral designer is someone who specializes exclusively in weddings.  They have tremendous experience with weddings and situations that can happen with designing wedding flowers.  Because they are exclusively designing for weddings/events, they many times have more time to devote to you as a client and know other fabulous wedding professionals.  Many times an event floral designer is by appointment only and is more flexible for meeting times.  We, as event floral designers have access to more containers, fancy ribbons and unique rental items.  We can custom create pretty much anything.  You might pay a little more (for their years of experience, customer service and so on), but the fact that you won't have to worry about a single thing is well worth every little penny!

A traditional florist, designs everyday flowers, fruit baskets, funeral flowers, has walk in clients and cash and carry customers.  Their time is focused on everyday happenings of a busy floral shop.  They don't design exclusively for weddings, so they probably haven't designed as many weddings as an event floral designer.  If your wedding falls during a busy time of year, it might get lost amongst the hustle of the rest of the business.  I've found over the years, clients have told us they inquired with their local florist, but after learning they design 8-10 weddings a weekend they got really worried.  What are the chances that you'll get the correct flowers you ordered?

I usually recommend you meet with three different companies.  Compare their pricing, how you click with the designer (it's a working relationship, you need to be happy with who you work with), see which one offers the most creative ideas.  Remember, compare apples to apples.  It's hard to go strictly by pricing, since it's all custom work and you are paying for more than just flowers.  But, remember to compare an event designer to another event designer, not an event designer to an everyday florist.  There is simply no comparison.

Friday, December 17, 2010

How the creative process works

By: Jessica Robinson

Each day our lives are surrounded and emerged with love and passion for what we do.  Which really is the cool part, because we don't really have a job....we do what we love. 
Just last night, I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about a new store possibility with the release of one of my books.  I'm constantly thinking outside the box and my wheels in my mind are turning endlessly.  One of my books is a book about New England farms and it's filled with heirloom recipes from both of our families.  It's such a wonderful book, I'm sure many people would love it as an addition to their kitchen.  So sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and feel a great sense of urge to pick up my laptop and write, search google and so on.

I keep note pads on my night stand, in the kitchen and on our coffee table, just waiting for that creative thought that I just HAVE to write down.  I come up with new table designs by looking at fashion, the great outdoors and random things in our world.  Snow gracefully falling onto the ground from the great sky above gives me a sense of wonderfully decorated winter wonderland tables, candles glowing and fireplaces crackling.  With each different season (thankfully we live in New England) there are wonderful changes. 

I hope that the new year brings blessings to all.  We are grateful for all of our past clients and all the future clients we work with.  I hope we will inspire you to create something fabulous for your wedding, a great dinner party or any family gathering.  Simplicity or over the top, we love it all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas notes

By: Jessica Robinson

With Christmas right around the corner, lots of us are busy decorating our homes with Christmas trees and other holiday decor to create a festive feeling.  There are a few simple tips for making the most out of your holiday decorating. 

First, in our family we always get a real tree from a local grower.  AND, it's an absolute must that we head out together as a family to go and select a real tree and cut our own.  Check out the Connecticut Christmas tree growers association web site to find a tree farm in your area.  A few of my personal favorites are Dzen's in South Windsor, Karabin Farms in Southington, Steadman's on South East Road in New Hartford and Jone's Family Farm in Shelton.  Of course, I'm a little overly picky about what our tree looks like.  I want it to be full, lush and extremely fresh...plus trimmed just right.
The difference between going to cut your own and getting a "pre-cut" tree are undeniable.  When you get a pre-cut tree, they are generally harvested in October up north (Vermont or Canada) and shipped to your area garden centers, etc.  The problem is that they were harvested so long ago and many times just not fresh.  There is nothing quite like a fresh tree, you searched for and cut down yourselves.  Some of my personal favorites varieties are Balsam fir, White and Blue spruce and Frasier fir.  Look for a tree that has great green (or grayish blue color for blue spruce) color, not loosing pine needles and with a straight trunk.  (that will help tremendously when putting it up in the tree stand)  You'll want to cut it as close to the ground as you can, as to not leave too much of a stump behind.  Bring the tree home, make a fresh cut and put it in the tree stand.

Trees soak up a TON of water the first three to four days.  It's imperative that you keep watering the tree to keep it as fresh as possible.  Usually twice a day for the first three to four days.  If your tree stand dries up, the tree will form a seal and not be able to absorb anymore water.  The fresher you keep the tree, the nicer it will look and the less it will pose a fire hazard.

Now, when decorating I put the lights on, starting from the bottom and working my way up.  We prefer the old-fashioned style C7 lights.  They produce a little more heat and make my vintage spinner ornaments spin properly.  (find them on Ebay and be sure to check out Etsy for some great handmade ornaments and vintage finds as well!)  When you attach your lights, I find it gives you more depth if you weave the light strands in and out.  Meaning, you put a light on a branch inside the tree and work outwards, then repeat.  Same applies with the ornaments.  I hang heavier ornaments inside the tree, where the branches tend to be thicker and able to withstand more weight.

Pick up some loose greens at those same farms and fill your flower pots on your porch with fresh evergreens.  I usually put them on our mantle as well in a large oasis piece (ask your local florist if you can buy a casket saddle with oasis)  Sounds awful, but really works wonderful...  then I simply decorate with a ton of wonderful picked pine cones and add some lush red roses the week of Christmas. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Beautiful Stationery

With your wedding the beginning presentation of yourselves to your invited guests is represented in the invites you send out.  I am completely in Love these days with letterpress invites and all things letterpress.  It's a really old style type of printing that has come back in popularity with a bang! 

Richie Designs offers custom designed invitations and other stationery products for everyone's unique tastes.  Their designs are trendy and simply beautiful.

Clean Wash Letterpress creates the most beautiful of stationery, business cards and invitations.  Her designs are absolutely stunning and impressive.
Right in Connecticut you have Stonington Paperie and Chocolate Creative Designs. Both will design and create something spectacular for your wedding invitations, Save the dates and every aspect or detail for your wedding (such as favor tags, escort cards, etc.)

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Studio in Collinsville

The new studio is still in progress, but coming along very nicely!  I still need to shop for some silk drapes and a few extra touches.  Of course, we'll need to clean up after the contractors are done and bring in the furniture.  I'm so excited about the new studio, the move and the new life this will bring our company.  So many new things planned!  But for now, I'd thought I'd share the sneak peek at the studio after the new lights got hung.  The studio has three large windows which fill the space with LOTS of natural sunlight.  We're right in the heart of Collinsville, in the old Axe factory which is in a revitalization process right now. (the owner hopes to renovate many of the exterior buildings into cute little shops)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Farmer's Museum wedding- Part two

By: Jessica Robinson

Caitlin had a really great inspiration board she had created for us.  From that we designed many just gathered looks.  I used old aluminum sap buckets from my parent's sugar house to showcase some antique purple hydrangea I picked out of my gardens at 4:30 am the morning of the wedding.  For her centerpieces we created three different looks.  One was in wooden crates, lined with sheet moss and overflowing with seasonal flowers.  The other were a chocolate footed metal urns filled with antique hydrangea, garden spray roses and locally grown flowers.  For a simple look, we gathered bright pink and purple salvia, fresh mint, fresh sage leaves and garden roses in various sized mason jars.  Then, clustered them together on the tables.  The smell of fresh herbs is intense and wonderful for a summery wedding.

The bride carried a hand-tied bouquet of white dahlias, patience garden roses, locally grown millet and wrapped with wide ivory satin ribbon.  The groom's boutonniere was a simple dahlia bloom wrapped with a touch of natural twine.  The bridesmaids carried a garden mix of purple statice, purple dahlias, creme de la creme roses and garden spray roses.  Each was wrapped with a fancy chocolate ribbon with copper sequins, then vintage rhinestone buttons for added detail.
 Salvia and fresh mint (from First Bloom Farm) was so pungent with aroma.  Really a great choice for this particular wedding. 

We created a "family tree" with manzanita branches in tall cylinder vases and purple mokara orchids.  The bride created her own DIY escort cards of flower seeds in envelopes.  We strung natural twine from the two trees and then hung each escort card with a wooden clothes pin.  (pick up the clothes pins at Walmart for $1.39 for 50 clothes pins) Natural twine can be found at your local Home Depot or hardware store.  We dressed the escort card table with chocolate color burlap (JoAnn Fabrics $2.99/yard).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Farmer's Museum wedding- Part one

By: Jessica Robinson

This past August we traveled to Cooperstown, New York to design a wedding for Caitlin and Mike.  Along with an incredible group of wedding professionals (some of the very best in the industry) we created magic.

Caitlin and Mike applied for our deserving couple contest back in 2009.  They were going through some family issues and struggling financially.  Mike was leaving his job to go back to school full time and they were living off of one income.  They are such a loving couple, devoted to their family and to each other.  We couldn't of selected a more grateful and truly deserving couple.

The setting: The Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, New York.  They were married in the chapel on the grounds, Cornwallville Church.  Then the reception following in the barn at the museum.  The Farmer's Museum is a spectacular venue that has deep roots in New York State's rural history.  The museum is set on 120 acres of pristine farm land which has been a working farm since the 1790's.  The Farmer's Museum is a private, non-profit educational organization.

Since many guests were traveling, we created cute out of town guest bags.  We filled natural burlap bags with tissue paper, then added raspberry rhubarb jam from Lamothe's Sugar House, bottled water, Crunch and munch, rasinettes and lavender oatmeal soap from Goat Boy soaps.  I picked up prepackaged "thank you" notes at Walmart (less than $2 for 10 cards) and attached them to the handle of each bag with a wooden clothes pin.

Along with Jennifer from Cookie Creatives, we created a really awesome candy station.  She hand made caramel/chocolate popcorn, sea salt caramels, homemade marshmallows, chocolate dipped pretzel rods and three different kinds of chocolate bars.  We added maple lollipops and maple salt water taffy from the sugar house to the display.  I also made my parents famous Maple farmhouse chocolate chip cookies and placed them in jars for guests to help themselves to. (which by the way, I developed the recipe for!)  I had picked up large pickle jars with wooden lids at Ocean State Job Lot for $5 each.  The other glass jars came from Walmart (or you can get them at Target) for $10-12 each.  Jennifer also hand decorated sugar cookies with the couples monogram on and flowers.  We displayed those in vintage wooden trays amongst all the candy jars.  I picked up wooden tongs and metal scoops at Walmart.

For a little candlelight romance, the staff at the Farmer's Museum helped us hang green oxidized metal lanterns with real candles.  We used thin copper wire to hang them from little eye hooks that were already in the wood beams.  Since the ceilings were so tall, it helped to break up the space and add some drama.

Vendors who donated their products and/or services:
Jessica's Country Flowers (event coordination and floral design)
Justin & Mary Marantz
Cookie Creatives by Jennifer
The White Dress by the Shore and designer Modern Trousseau
ABC Cakes
Lamothe's Sugar House
Goat Boy Soaps
Hartford Florist Supply
First Bloom Farm 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December is upon us

By: Jessica Robinson

December brings cold, glistening snow falling from the New England sky and family time.  I love this time of year!  Almost every night, I haul in firewood from out back and enjoy some quiet time near the warm glow of the fireplace. 

Right now, I'm working on making my proposal for The New England Kitchen perfect in order for it to be shown to publishers.  It's a wonderful book filled with heirloom recipes from our families and many recipes created right in our own kitchen.  Writing a book is a huge task!  I decided to write the wedding book first, then had this bright idea (with Scott's help) to write the kitchen book.  So with the winter, we have less weddings and I have more time to write.  I love being completely lost in my thoughts, with my toes in cozy fuzzy socks resting on the coffee table and the fireplace a glow.  I write at night, so my day is filled with the normal tasks of the business.  Of course, right now... we've been fixing walls, getting ready to paint and trying to get electricians to hang chandeliers, etc. at the new studio space.  More to come soon!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Caramel Chocolate apples

By: Jessica Robinson

Every winter we dip hundreds of granny smith apples into homemade caramel and then dark chocolate.  While the chocolate is still wet we roll some of them into toasted coconut and even add a few M&M's.  I love adding a little detail with white chocolate drizzled all over them.  Not only are they made from the heart they are absolutely delicious!  Every ingredient in our apples is natural goodness, no preservatives and nothing artificial. 

We start by making a huge batch of homemade caramel.  Then, dipping hundreds of apples into the caramel.  While the caramel sets the chocolate temper machine is melting and stirring dark chocolate into sweet heaven.  My mother usually sends over a tray of pure maple candies for me to dip into the chocolate as well.  Luckily, the Snyders pretzel rep lives right around the corner from us and is always willing to drop off pretzels to dip.  (I love the taste of salty and sweet)  If you're looking for the perfect holiday gift, people are really going to enjoy order them from us. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Real wedding at the Fairmont Hotel, Boston, MA

Back in October we had the pleasure of designing Lindsay and Alex's wedding.  The day could not of been more perfect.  I am absolutely in LOVE with Boston.  It's like breathing in the clear ocean breezes, you just soak in the surroundings and fall in love.  Head over heels.
Over the years, I've developed a taste for the finest things in the wedding industry.  My designs are only as good as the photographer who captures the creativity.  Allegro Photography completely BLEW me away with the images they took of the wedding!  I couldn't stop looking at the images, just soaking in all the fabulous details they captured (and we designed)!  Take a look at the wedding.

The Fairmont Hotel is a stunning location.  Rich with history and architectural beauty.  Fizz Paperie created their invitations and they could not have been more beautiful.  Real wood.  How different and so very original.  I'm looking forward to showing you more of the details to this wedding!

Wedding in Vermont

We've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to design weddings far beyond Connecticut.  I love Connecticut, but traveling is SO much fun and gives us the chance to think outside the box even more (with a new venue and location). 

Next summer we're heading to Vermont to design a really, just plain cool wedding!  The location: The West Monitor Barn.  The colors: Red, magenta and deep raspberry.  Very vibrant colors to make a splash that really strikes a statement!  We'll be hanging tons of flower blooms from the rafters in glass bottles.  These are some of the inspirations the bride gave to us.  I'm really happy to be working with Ryan Designs and cannot wait to see what kind of lighting they come up with!  Their company makes all sorts of custom lounge pieces, farmhouse style tables and the most incredibly gorgeous chandeliers anyone's ever laid eyes on!  All of the details will be photographed by Craig Paulson Photography out of New York City.

Since nearly all of the guests are from out of town, we'll be making up some pretty fabulous out of town guest boxes.  Brown kraft boxes filled overflowing with made in Vermont and New England goodies and tied up with a red/white thin string with a 'thank you' tag.  Goodies include treats from the sugar house and maybe some Vermont made wooden spoons or something.  I'm surely going to check out the Newfane Country Store for some inspiration and local fare.

Cooperstown, New York wedding

In August our design team headed up to the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, New York to design Caitlin and Mike's wedding.  (They are one of our 2010 deserving couple winners)  The Farmer's Museum is an absolutely stunning property!

Caitlin was extremely lucky to get a stunning wedding gown from The White Dress by the Shore and Modern Trousseau.  What can I say.... except that the gown raised the bar for the look and feel of the wedding!

I believe that your guests should be wowed as they enter your reception with a great entrance piece.  Which is usually the escort card table/display or a wonderful hors d'oeuvre table. (or both)

We hung green oxidized metal lanterns from the earthy wood beams of the barn for her reception and lots of candles to her tables.  Low centerpieces, were overflowing with lavender dahlias, mini green hydrangea, 'cool water' roses, 'super green' cabbage roses and unripe raspberries.  We used several different containers, which included rustic wooden crates with moss sides and lovely footed chocolate/bronze color metal urn. Mason jars of fresh mint and colorful summer blooms were abundant.  Sweet sophistication and romance will fill this wedding!

ABC cakes designed a great cake for the couple.  We are teamed up with Cookie creatives to create a fabulous candy station with touches of vintage charm and candies handmade right in New England (including rock candy and fruit slices).  I stopped by Ocean State Job Lot for some incredible glass jars with wooden tops for displaying the candies.  (they have wonderful bargains on things like that!) Honestly, it's kind of hit or miss.... so I tend to stop a few times a week when I'm in the search for something.  I also picked up a few rolls of natural twine.  (to twist around the stems of bouquets and adding that touch of country rustic charm to boutonnieres)

I'm completely in LOVE with all the details of this wedding!  We are so very fortunate that Justin and Mary Marantz will be capturing every little gorgeous detail. 

She along with a friend designed a simple and very pretty wedding invitation.  With deep sky blue writing and flower motif at the bottom... I'm in love!  She's going to create DIY menu cards to match that will be tucked into every guests napkin.

The wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty.  Take a look at the FABULOUS images Justin & Mary captured of the entire event!  Cooperstown, NY wedding at the Farmer's Museum.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bouquet ideas

By: Jessica Robinson
It's always nice to see a bride carrying a really stunning bouquet!  The attention will be on you as you glide down the aisle to the love of your life. 

(Steve Depino Photography)

Remember, when selecting what type of flowers and the color of the bouquet make sure your floral designer has a photo of your gown.  That will help them determine what to recommend to you for flowers.  If you have a gorgeous and very elaborate ball gown, lots of detailing... you may want to consider a simplistic bouquet.  Look through images online and in magazines, but give some creative freedom to your florist.  They'll be able to recommend the appropriate types of flowers and colors for the season.

Even if you absolutely LOVE peonies or tulips and we can ship them from Holland for your July wedding.  As a designer, I might suggest we move in another direction based on the possibility of the weather being SO hot.  Incorporating herbs and seasonal berries is a great idea.  This will add texture and a little hint of sweet smells.  We certainly don't want you to carry something that is too over powering with smells either. 

Detail, detail, detail... on the stems of your bouquet.  I love to accent the stems of a bouquet with pearls, rhinestones, French knots, twisted wire or other creative ideas to add interest.  Even a piece of your mother's gown for something old.  Search on Ebay, Etsy or in consignment shops for vintage jewelry to add to the stems of your bouquet. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend of events

This weekend we had the absolute pleasure to have met one of our clients for October 2011.  They are planning a wedding at La Cupola Ristorante & Inn in Litchfield, Connecticut.  Christina & Dustin are amazing and so sweet!!  La Cupola has four very intimate suites, so we were all able to stay.  It's like you become a family member to Frank and the staff at La Cupola when you become a client. (Scott and I have been close friends with him for over 10 years now!)

Gayle joined us from AriaDress and brought the most lovely gowns for the bride to try on.  That was SO fun!  How fun is it to try on a wedding gown and realize it's actually happening!  Amy from Chandelier Events joined us on Saturday to discuss all of the decor ideas, from the invitations to the flowers and beyond!  Amy is just fabulous and has worked in the wedding industry for many years.  We put our heads together to come up with some really pretty decor ideas.  With the layout of La Cupola, we'll be inviting guests for cocktail hour downstairs then dinner upstairs (which is really different, since La Cupola's dining room has booths) and family style tables in the center of the room.  After a really tasty lunch at La Cupola we shared some cupcakes of possible cake flavors from Kelly's Sweet Rewards.  One of my favorites was her red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting.  Oh my goodness!  Just divine!

We'll be adding a pop of color with orange mokara orchid and milva rose centerpieces.  Lots of warmth will fill the dining room with beeswax candles.  A touch of rustic New England will be added by using old barn boards down the length of each booth table.  The dinner that we tasted at La Cupola was incredible!  You do not find reception venues like this often.  Such hospitality, phenomenal food and wonderful wines.  We had the opportunity to do a wine tasting at Sunset Meadow Vineyards.  It was really fun and their wines are wonderful!  We're hoping to serve their wines for Christina and Dustin's wedding (what better thing to offer to your guests than something locally produced!)

For their guests attending, we'll be putting together some pretty amazing out of town guest bags.  They'll be filled with all sorts of local goodies and maps of area attractions. We'll probably include one of the cookie mixes from Lamothe's Sugar House.  It's a really nice touch for an added thank you for making the trip for your wedding (especially when the guests are coming so far as their guests).  Along with the help of Amy from Chandelier Events, we'll be putting together a really yummy candy station (filled with handmade chocolates, caramel/chocolate apples and many wonderful treats!)  We are really looking forward to this couple's wedding, which includes a romantic outdoor ceremony overlooking the pond.  Purely romantic in New England!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

La Cupola Ristorante & Inn (Deserving Couple)

As November approaches I am so happy that Christina and Dustin are joining us in Connecticut to discuss the details for their October 2011 wedding.  They are one of our very deserving couples for 2011.  The wedding ceremony and reception will be held at La Cupola Ristorante & Inn.  This really cute and romantic Italian villa set into the rolling hills of Litchfield, Connecticut.

Amy from Chandelier Events will be teaming up with us to design one simply gorgeous New England wedding that the couple is sure to remember for quite some time!  We're overly thrilled that Christina and Dustin are able to make the trip to Connecticut for a long weekend of exciting plans and a little relaxation.  So many of their wonderfully talented vendors are also making the trip to Connecticut.  AriaDress has graciously donated a gown for the bride as well as very trendy bridesmaids gowns.  LOVE their dresses!  Stacey Ilyse Photography will be capturing all of the wonderful details of this couples wedding. (and believe me there are going to be a TON of jaw dropping details!) Sara Faella has offered to take care of the bride's hair (as well as a couture hair piece for her) and make-up and she'll be enjoying a spa day at The Spa at Litchfield Hills the day before her wedding!  Fizz Paperie will be custom creating all of the couple's stationery pieces for the wedding.  Jillian's work is to die for! 

 During this weekend we'll be discussing the overall design concept for their wedding, tasting the mouth watering menu and sampling scrumptious cake selections from Kelly's Sweet Rewards.  I'm so excited for everyone to meet and to meet the couple (finally) in person and for them to get the chance to meet the incredible team of wedding professionals that are helping create their wedding!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Two of my favorite seasons

When we initially planned our wedding, we selected September 2001.  Then for family reasons we moved the date to June 2002.  I've always believed that everything in our lives happens for a reason.  Whether it is to test us as a couple or to make us stronger individuals, everything has it's purpose.  I remember September 11th weekend clearly.  Because of the horrible attack on New York of the twin towers and the whole country mourning.  With planes grounded we had to use what ever was already in the wholesaler's coolers.  Nothing was able to fly in.  Faith and a little improvising helped us to create a beautiful wedding that weekend.  I guess God had a reason to guide us to the spring of the following year.

Two of my absolute favorite seasons are fall and winter.  I love the harvest and the celebration of those two seasons.  The reflection of us as a couple is strong within the comforts of home and things that we love.  Growing up on a farm, where we grew our own vegetables, canned tomato sauce and made many things by hand we're quite crafty people.  Which (thankfully to my grandmother) who gave me a little guidance with this whole floral design thing I've been able to create wonders of joy for many couples.  Which ever the season you choose to be married, let it be a time that has a personal connection to you both.  Everyone in your family (if they are anything like my family) will have their opinions about when and where.  It's important to take them into consideration, but not to let them make the ultimate decision for you since it's your wedding, not theirs. 
Fall is a glorious collection of harvest season, colors of Mother nature and a celebration of life.  Twigs, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and evergreens are abundant during winter.  Simplistic vases filled with cranberries, water and floating candles can add that pop of color to your reception.

Family style tables are a trendy new way to entertain at your reception.  Guests can enjoy conversations in a way you'll never be able to at a traditional round table.  For a gorgeous look that everyone will enjoy you can line the center of the table with sparkling glass cylinder vases (in various sizes/heights) simply filled with fruits and vegetables.  Of course, along with a ton of candle light and more touches of fruits/veggies on the table as well.  Because the more candles the more intimate and romantic atmosphere you'll create.  Glass can be a modern way to add life and interest to your reception tables.  Depending on the season and your color palette, there are a ton of options including gourds, mini pumpkins (either white or orange), fancy eggplants, mini pears, limequats, kumquats, lady gala apples or even loose grains.  Add a few glass bud vases or vintage glasses with single blooms of garden roses or fresh herbs for fabulous fragrance and wonderful texture.

Real wedding at Simsbury Inn

By: Jessica Robinson
This pretty summer wedding was at Ethel Walker Chapel in Simsbury, Connecticut and reception following at the Simsbury Inn.  Two absolutely stunning locations.  The chapel is simplistic and very elegant.  Beautiful white woodwork and creamy color walls, incredible windows letting natural sunlight in and big chapel doors.

I used pink carnations for spheres on every other pew for a really pretty decoration to the aisle.  Carnations can be a really inexpensive, yet dramatic way to decorate church doors, pew ends or even your escort table.  They are colorful, fluffy and when crafted together into spheres, wreaths or covering an entire table can make stunning decor.  For long family style tables we create a snake of sorts (completely out of roses or carnations), that weaves amongst the candles and glassware.  Simplistic yet completely overwhelming and absolutely stunning!