Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding in Vermont

We've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to design weddings far beyond Connecticut.  I love Connecticut, but traveling is SO much fun and gives us the chance to think outside the box even more (with a new venue and location). 

Next summer we're heading to Vermont to design a really, just plain cool wedding!  The location: The West Monitor Barn.  The colors: Red, magenta and deep raspberry.  Very vibrant colors to make a splash that really strikes a statement!  We'll be hanging tons of flower blooms from the rafters in glass bottles.  These are some of the inspirations the bride gave to us.  I'm really happy to be working with Ryan Designs and cannot wait to see what kind of lighting they come up with!  Their company makes all sorts of custom lounge pieces, farmhouse style tables and the most incredibly gorgeous chandeliers anyone's ever laid eyes on!  All of the details will be photographed by Craig Paulson Photography out of New York City.

Since nearly all of the guests are from out of town, we'll be making up some pretty fabulous out of town guest boxes.  Brown kraft boxes filled overflowing with made in Vermont and New England goodies and tied up with a red/white thin string with a 'thank you' tag.  Goodies include treats from the sugar house and maybe some Vermont made wooden spoons or something.  I'm surely going to check out the Newfane Country Store for some inspiration and local fare.

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