Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bouquet ideas

By: Jessica Robinson
It's always nice to see a bride carrying a really stunning bouquet!  The attention will be on you as you glide down the aisle to the love of your life. 

(Steve Depino Photography)

Remember, when selecting what type of flowers and the color of the bouquet make sure your floral designer has a photo of your gown.  That will help them determine what to recommend to you for flowers.  If you have a gorgeous and very elaborate ball gown, lots of detailing... you may want to consider a simplistic bouquet.  Look through images online and in magazines, but give some creative freedom to your florist.  They'll be able to recommend the appropriate types of flowers and colors for the season.

Even if you absolutely LOVE peonies or tulips and we can ship them from Holland for your July wedding.  As a designer, I might suggest we move in another direction based on the possibility of the weather being SO hot.  Incorporating herbs and seasonal berries is a great idea.  This will add texture and a little hint of sweet smells.  We certainly don't want you to carry something that is too over powering with smells either. 

Detail, detail, detail... on the stems of your bouquet.  I love to accent the stems of a bouquet with pearls, rhinestones, French knots, twisted wire or other creative ideas to add interest.  Even a piece of your mother's gown for something old.  Search on Ebay, Etsy or in consignment shops for vintage jewelry to add to the stems of your bouquet. 

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