Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New things to come for weddings

By: Jessica Robinson
With the new year quickly approaching (I know... can you believe it?) we're about to open a new studio in the heart of Collinsville, Connecticut.  It's this quaint little historical town bursting at the seams with history.  It's a town filled with many artists and creative minds.

As fall is upon us and winter nearing.  I love some of the things mother nature supplies us for decorations.  With your fall or winter weddings, enjoy the natural glow of candles and even wood burning fireplaces.  There are so many fabulous vegetables, pumpkins and gourds that make incredible earthy touches to your decor.  Fill bushel baskets with locally grown apples and cluster them to the entrance of the reception venue.  For a pretty barn wedding, drape natural muslin over the doorway for a beautiful and inviting entrance to the reception.  I'm completely in love with family style reception tables vs. the traditional round tables.  They are romantic and so very different.  I love reception venues that are willing to work with you and think outside the box.  The best reception venue is a blank space where you get to design something all your own from the ground up.  Cluster an eclectic mix of vintage glass vases with garden roses, beeswax candles in mason jars and seasonal blooms or vegetables down the length of the table for an inviting atmosphere and it's sure to be the talk of the town.

As a designer, I find many things inspire me.  Creative minds are constantly coming up with new ways to decorate a wedding and add romance to any event.  Because couples have their own distinct style and personalities, we love getting to know our clients.  You become family to us.  We'll chat for hours over ideas and come up with something that will absolutely blow you away!  Meet us for coffee, a light lunch or even dinner.  If we can get to know you better, we'll be able to design wedding decor that fits you perfectly.

Some of the weddings we have for next year are simply amazing!  From the fancy hotel wedding, private clubs and estates to the rustic barn wedding.  We're excited to be a part of a very special day to each and every one of our clients!


  1. Congratulations on the studio space!! LOVE it

  2. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for 2011...I know you have the most amazing ideas!!

  3. Everything is so beautiful! You are such a talent, Jess! Can't wait to see you! 13 days!!! Btw- I love the menu cards here. Love the motif in the corner! Gorgeous!