Monday, March 29, 2010

How we came to be Jessica's Country Flowers

What started as only designing for two to three weddings a year has grown to designing over 50 weddings.  Jessica started by growning flowers in the gardens at her parents farm.  We designed one wedding and it just ran from there!  Now in our eighth year full-time, Jessica caters to a wide array of clients, traveling for weddings all over New England and New York.

It started by a young girl going to Vo-Ag high school studying floral design and then going to college for it as well.  At the young age of only 19, Jessica started her own company.  She worked for other local florists, which by the way wouldn't let her design much.  She did all the crap work, picking up messes, deliveries, even landscape work.  Jessica didn't like that certain companies she had worked for cut corners and used old flowers.  One floral company actually called to ask us to close our company down and come work for them, which Jessica happily declined.  (funny, they are now out of business)

Originally, Jessica worked full-time as a pharmacist tech while designing weddings part time.  Her natural drive motivated her to go full-time with the wedding floral business.  Jessica did hundreds of mailings, making sure each and every engaged couple knew who she was and what the company stood for.

We pushed hard to get where we are now.  Networking with other wedding professionals, making sure that each and every client was utterly satisfied and buying only quality flowers.  Each year we create custom-tailored weddings and events.  So each client knows their wedding or event is truly unique.  Our goal as floral designers is to set ourselves apart from the competition.  Doing this, well... just different.  Who could of imagined we'd be where we are right now?!  Each year our weddings get bigger and more creative.  As we look back on how it all happened, it's really amazing how far we have come in such a small amount of time.

We network now with other incredible wedding professionals to give back, by designing one or two deserving couple weddings each year.  Just our little way of giving back and being appreciative of the things we have! 

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