Thursday, August 19, 2010

Paper Quilling class

By: Jessica Robinson

This coming fall we'll be hosting a class at River City Art Center.  It's situated in the historic town of Collinsville, Connecticut.  I'm hoping many of you will join us for a really fun, creative class with Kate of River City Art Center to create some really amazing DIY stationery pieces for your own weddings. There will be about 12 spaces and they'll fill quickly for sure!  We'll have fun, get to know one in other better and just have a great time doing some DIY projects.  I'll bring the wine!

Paper quilling (also known as Paper filigree) is beautiful and creative way of rolling, bending and pinching the paper then making designs out of the paper.  There are numerous things you can design with paper quilling.  I love the idea of making your own save the dates and even table numbers.  You can make your own signs for guest tables and candy station (identifying the different candies).

Kate is one of the most energetic people I know and VERY creative!  We'll be working with her to have a 4 week class so couples will be able to learn how to design your very own art projects.  I'd love to see more creativity for Save the Dates, table numbers and even stationery for dessert tables!!  LOVE!   Maybe even create your very own Family Tree out of paper quilling... and guests could sign on leaves you can place on the tree afterward.   Creative...use your imagination!!
 Let us know if you would like to join us this fall.  We'd love to have you!


  1. I am happy to read about quilling classes here in CT. I am in Enfield and have been quilling for more than 30 years. I'd like to invite you and your students to visit my web site and/or my quilling blog , there is all kinds of free information, patterns, reference materials etc. which may be helpful to your students. Good luck with the classes!

  2. I wish I lived closer to CT! I'd love, love, love to learn how to do this! It's quite amazing!!