Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sending images off for my books

By: Jessica Robinson

I started writing a wedding book a few years back.  All of our clients kept saying "Jessica, you are so knowledgeable on weddings and you need to write a book!"  So I started writing notes and every single thought I had down on paper.  I'm sending images off to my agent now so editors can preview my work.  Writing a book hasn't been easy.  In fact quit a daunting task.  It's been really fun, but also like riding a roller coaster ride.  Up and down, an emotional roller coaster, crying one minute and smiling from cheek to cheek the next. 

But, I know that the first time I can walk into Border's and see my book on shelves...the one I wrote, it will be amazing!  It has been such an amazing experience and I'm looking forward to seeing both of my books published soon.
We've been so fortunate that our designs have graced the pages of so many magazines! (to mention just a few: Wedding Style New England, Southern New England Weddings, Bride & Bloom, Florists' Review, Boston Weddings, La Bella Bride magazine and Brides' Connecticut)  I'm so honored every year that some of those magazines call us each year to design creative table settings and bouquets for their magazines.

The fun part of getting to design new ideas for magazines is we have to think outside the box.  They want fresh material to share with their readers.  New color trends, new ideas to revitalize weddings and making weddings different.  Every client we work with wants something different from the next.  Which keeps our job fun.  I get to design with garden flowers one week and orchids the next.  So fun!

Lots of neat weddings this year and many cool photo shoots.  Hopefully they'll inspire you!

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