Thursday, March 31, 2011

and the writing goes on

By: Jessica Robinson
Who would of ever imagined I would ever write a book?!  Then, I got the bright idea to write a second one.  Since the first one was so fun and I felt so inspired!

Now that we are settled into a really beautiful design studio in the heart of Collinsville, I feel even more inspired.  Just a few little touches to decorate and make it feel warm and cozy, then we're done.  I'm thrilled with the space and how it's evolved.

When I started writing the wedding book I never imagined it would be SO hard to publish it.  I honestly thought, I'll write this thing and be able to publish it no problem.  Then, the economy tanked.  Which made the publishing world take a major hit as well.  It's a great accomplishment to get a literary agent to represent you.  In December, I signed with a new agent to look for a contract for BOTH of the books I wrote.  Hours of writing with my fingers happily typing away while the ideas were flowing like the river in Collinsville and two books later.  I have weeks of non-stop writing then weeks were I write nothing at all.  It's just how the writing/creative process works for me.  I've learned to write EVERYTHING down on note pads.  Since, usually I'm half asleep when I have the best idea and I will completely forget if I do not write it down!

It took hundreds of query letters to get only about 12 agents to read my manuscript.  Which apparently is a huge feat.  I have been fortunate enough to have a wonderful literary agent representing me.  She is pushing hard for a contract with a major publisher.  She's now in talks with several publishing companies.

Since the books will soon be published and I'll be traveling to promote both books we're going to only take on a very limited amount of weddings each year.  I want to inspire many couples to have weddings beyond their wildest dreams.  Think outside the box and dream big.  A wedding should reflect your personal style and be amazing. 

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