Thursday, May 5, 2011

Selecting your wedding gown

By: Jessica Robinson

I think 90% of our clients say that they ended up with a dress they never visioned themselves in.  Even for my own wedding, I visualized one thing but ended up with something totally different.  My girls grabbed a gown off the rack and said try this.  I really didn't want to, but turns out... that was the one.

The location is a big factor when selecting your wedding attire.  Will you be married barefoot on soft sandy beaches?   or in a rustic barn setting?  (now a barn setting can be rustic and simple or completely sophisticated too, it really depends which way we take your design)  Will you be having a traditional church ceremony and elegant sit-down dinner after wards?

                                                                                                              (Modern Trousseau gowns)
The pieces of your wedding are like a puzzle.  Each one comes together as you plan.  You pick the date, then the venue(s) and start to select different vendors you will work with.  The design concept comes together as a major piece of the puzzle.
                                                                                                                 (Melissa Sweet gown)
Gown designers typically suggest ordering your gown at least six months prior.  Try attending trunk shows for different gown designers that grab your eye.  This gives you an opportunity to meet the designer in person, see their collection and possibly get a great deal on a designer gown.

Check out a few of our favorite designers!! 
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Winifred Bean
Melissa Sweet
Maggie Sottero
Priscilla of Boston

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