Monday, June 13, 2011

Choices for Favors

By: Jessica Robinson

Food is always a good option for favors.  I think it's important to remember the season you are getting married in.  If you have time, you can always make something yourself.  But, I stress that you should only do that if you have time and it won't make your already crazy life more crazy!
Maple candies are a great New England choice for a perfect taste of New England.  Lamothe's Sugar House can make maple candies in various shapes and sizes.  Packaging can also be customized depending on your style and tastes.  Any of their products are also a great addition to Out of Town guest bags as well.  They make really great Maple Kettle corn for that perfect salty yet sweet craving.

Cookie Creatives offers many wonderful choices for favors as well.  Of course, I'm big on attending an event and walking away saying "Wow! that was so different!"  So when you are looking for something out of the box call her.  I love the idea of a scrumptious dessert station with lots of goodies you remember from your childhood.  That way everyone can fill up a small container and bring it home with them for that mid-night snack.

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