Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gardening Organic

From the very beginning of Jessica's Country Flowers, we've grown many thing in our gardens at the farm.  Now, more than ever we grow a wonderful variety of dahlias, zinnias, gerbera daisies, succulents, herbs and even berries which we use in our weddings and events. 

This week I'll be prepping our large annual garden, preparing the soil and turning the rich, earthy matter readying it to grow some of this years most amazing blooms!  We'll be planting heirloom tomatoes, lettuce, sweet corn and a huge amount of dahlias, zinnias.  We'll also be adding to the perennial gardens, with more clusters of colorful lupine, mint, bee balm, lavender, peonies, pee gee hydrangea and grasses.  I LOVE being able to go out to the gardens, while I'm designing a wedding and having creative freedom to pick (fresh) a few twigs of unripe blueberries or a hens & chicks to add to a boutonniere for texture!

What makes our company unique is that love for true unique design.  The overpowering sheer passion we get when a couple comes in to meet with us with a venue we've never been to.  Or having to come up with a design concept that is overwhelming and brings a challenge.  That makes me better as a designer and just keeps things fresh!

This week we'll be putting design concepts together, brainstorming on a few photo shoots and meeting with a bunch of new potential clients.  I'm happy to say that we'll have a few features coming up on Style Me Pretty blog soon.  I'm so, so proud to say there are many VERY exciting happenings for Jessica's Country Flowers this year and next.  We're working with a fabulous PR person to create an incredible book tour and thinking outside the box for some fabulous ideas to promote my new book Enchanted Weddings!

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