Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weddings in the summer

With spring here and summer approaching there are a so many options to make your event pretty!  This weekend is Brimfield Flea Market.  One of the largest flea markets in this area!  You will find a HUGE selection of collectables and old goodies to use for decorating your event.  One of the hottest trends right now is vintage charm, touches of old added to new.  I personally LOVE that look!

Some things that make stunning vases for a simple and understated look are:
Peanut Butter glasses
vintage style drinking glasses or dessert cups
Mason jars in various colors
Lu Ray
Tiara glass (which is this absoultely gorgeous amber color glassware! but also has some other colors)

If you don't have time to hit the market, try local yard or tag sales (check the news paper listings)
Ebay is also another great place to purchase anything vintage, but remember the shipping might cost you just as much as the item itself!!

Adding single blooms, such as dahlias, zinnias, gerbera daisies, garden (cabbage) roses or orchids make a simply gorgeous statement.  Add a ton of candle and you've got the most romantic setting ever!  Of course, for most of our weddings these little vases are an addition to the main centerpiece.  Adding that touch of detail and drama.  The more detail the better!


  1. I go every single time every single year to Brimfield. I've only missed them when I'm not in the state. I find the coolest things at Brimfield and I love it. We find interesting items to create cake stands, card boxes and more for our clients. I have a list of what I'm looking for this week. :)

    My youngest will be 4 and he has already been 12 times after this weekend.

  2. I'm heading there either Friday or Sunday!! Cannot wait!