Friday, September 3, 2010

The details that bring it all together

By: Jessica Robinson

With any wedding, it's the simplest of details that bring everything together and make it complete.  Like adding moss to the edges of the wooden crate centerpieces for a touch of detail for your eyes to be drawn to.  The more candles the better.

The simple touch of adding a rose bloom to each out of town guests room lets them know you really love that they are taking time out of their busy lives to share this with you.  It will really brighten their day.  Even adding chocolates to pillows in every room, something that adds the personal touch is perfect.  Create a cozy and intimate feeling by having a lounge area.  Ryan Designs offers some amazing pieces that you can rent to complete the look.  Add a fire pit, local wine and you'll have the perfect environment for a highly talked about event.  Ask your caterer to put out trays with all of the makings you'll need for yummy S'mores.

I just received one of the most unusual and impressive invitations in the mail.  Custom designed by Jillian at Fizz Paperie.  Her designs are fabulous and so very creative.  There is nothing she cannot do!  Believe it or no, this invitation is actually made out of wood.  The detailing is perfect and absolutely stunning!  I love the whole look.  It's classy and says romantic yet sophisticated New England wedding.  Lyndsay and Alex's wedding is in October at the Fairmont Hotel in Boston.  The wedding is going to be amazing!
More exciting news for Jessica's Country Flowers.  We just got the keys to our new studio in Collinsville, Connecticut.  It's located in the old Axe Factory in Collinsville.  Right in the heart of the happenings of a very busy town.  We need to do a little painting, add some chandeliers and just the right touch of decor then we'll be ready to meet all of our wonderful clients.  I'm really excited about the changes we're making this fall and winter!

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  1. The details are SO important. That invitation is incredible!! I love it, and love the fact that it's made from wood. The font is great too! YAAAAAY Jess!! CONGRATULATIONS on your new studio!! How wonderful!! Can't wait to see pictures!!