Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saving tips

With the economy being the way it is, every little penny counts.  Some simple things will help to keep your check book from going up in flames.  Think outside the box and some simple cut backs will help you have a wedding of your dreams without taking out huge loans.
If you don't have the cash to purchase it, you don't need it.  Paying for things right away, means you don't pay huge interest charges on your purchases.  Save your change, I grab my husband's change every week and put it into a jar.  Do you know, I usually use the money to buy groceries for the week.  You'd be amazed of how much you can save in spare change and putting dollars in that jar too!  Cook meals at home and eat out only once a month or two.  This saves a bunch over the course of a year!  If you do eat out, look for coupons online or in the mail to your favorite restaurants.  I get the Sunday paper every week and clip coupons.  Being a savoy shopper and only buying food you really are going to eat saves big bucks!  

Now, I don't normally recommend designing your own flowers.  It can add more stress to your day than you are ready for.  However, if you are looking to cut back on your floral costs... hire a professional for your personal flowers and ceremony decor (boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets, etc.) and ask some friends to help you with the reception flowers.  Get married during the summer or early fall, locate a local farm or grower and purchase cut seasonal flowers.  Fill mason jars with water and add one kind of flower.  I love using mason jars filled with play sand, real beeswax candles and clustering different size jars down long rectangle family style reception tables.  Just add touches of blooms or during the winter, evergreens and pine cones.

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