Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GIVEAWAY! gift card towards custom invitations

By: Jessica Robinson

Praez Occasions is located in Hamden, Connecticut.  Her invitations are stunning!  Simply works of art.  Her bubbly personality brings sunshine into anyone's day. 

Praez Occasions giving away $100 gift certificate towards any invitation order!  Simply leave your comments below about what you would like for invitations and one lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive a gift certificate! (we'll announce the winner on our blog this Friday!)

We did an interview with her recently and asked a few questions.
How long have you been in business? 

Our parent company, Praez Media Group, has been in the professional graphic design and printing industry since 2003.  We began making couture stationery by demand in 2005.

What should clients know about custom invites?

The most important thing we can convey is that there is a big difference between truly custom invitations and customized invitations.  There are a lot of companies that offer customized invitations - and that can range from catalog or internet order companies to high end lines that are templates for mass distribution.  These type of invitations can only be customized with the client's names and event information, color scheme and limited design accents.  A truly custom design is built from the ground up, with individually designed graphics suited to the client's specifications, no templates involved.  These services are highly specialized and entail the services of a graphic design professional.  And our designs are then handcrafted with handpicked embellishing accents tailored to the client's design theme.  The two are simply not the same.

What information would you share with perspective clients that would help make the process a bit easier?

Know that this is a process, so you need to start early and be ready with as much information as possible to share your preferences and design wish list with your designer.  We're inspired by everything, so the more information you feed us, the better!

What inspires your designs?

We commonly look to the venue, decor selections, design/style of attire, florals, and personality of the couple for our design inspiration.  We always ask if there are any unique or whimsical details or interesting facts that we could possibly weave into the design, as well.  The end result is a design unique to that client with gorgeous appointments that can be anything from pearls to peacock feathers. 


  1. All of the stationary I've seen on the Praez website is absolutely stunning! My fiance and I are looking for stationary that is rustic with the tones of fall. We are looking for something beautiful, simple and yet unforgettable for our guests.

  2. wow...the flower invitation are vany fancy and i would love to have these for my mext function..her designs and photography are stunning!
    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com