Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Studio in Collinsville-update

By: Jessica Robinson

We've been working hard on our new studio space in Collinsville, Connecticut.  It's nearly complete and looks amazing!! I'm SO excited to say we'll be moving in very soon to meet with our clients and new perspective new clients. 

The new studio is situated in the old Collinsville Axe Factory.  It's currently in a revitalization process.  Come the end of January, there's a new space that will be available down the hall from us (a gorgeous, spacious 2,500 square feet studio/office space.  It has 19th century hardwood floors, incredible views, 12-foot tall ceilings, brick and sheet rocked walls with pendant lights).  The old factory is filled with talented artists, photographers and such!  Collinsville is a trendy, up and coming spot.
Home Depot must love us!  I swear, we've spent a small fortune there in new supplies, paint and new tools to complete the project!!  We've cleaned windows from early 1900's, painted walls, trim and hung beautiful pendant lights which go perfectly with the old character of the original building.  I've been hunting down great furniture finds for our new space too!  I found a buffet on craigslist.com for $50 and a GORGEOUS desk at Used Furniture of Canton.  I have to say, I had never been there... always drove by it, saw the store advertised on TV a few times and still never stopped.  I FINALLY made the time today.  What amazing finds they have!!  I was impressed with how clean the furniture was, the selection and the prices were SO reasonable.  I had the initial thought that the prices would be too much, but they were not!!  As we get the studio together, I think I'll go back for a few more pieces to make the studio perfect!!

 (These images were taken by: Jamie Collins Photography)
Just a few little touches (molding over the door to the studio, painting window molding in the hallway, baseboard molding and hanging the chandelier from our current space) and we're done!!  I'm SO excited about the move and the transition to this new area.  The town is bursting with trades people, artists and so much more!  I hope you'll join us for a cup of coffee or lunch soon!  I'll try and post new photos next week so you can see all the wonderful progress we've made.

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  1. sounds like an amazing studio space. looking forward to seeing photos when it is all set up!