Monday, April 4, 2011

Finding the perfect location

By: Jessica Robinson
The daunting task of finding the perfect local for your wedding could certainly push you over the edge.  There are so many different reception venues in the surrounding area and it really can be quite overwhelming.  Start by making a "must have" list for the venue.  Create your guest list so you'll have a better idea of how many guests you'll have.

Do your research online and schedule tours of the properties on the top of your list.  Use your gut instinct, weight your options and compare menus, etc.  I find it helpful to know where your friends got married or will be getting married.  (you're not going to want to select the same venue as a friend getting married the same time you are)  The time of year you marry can certainly help determine your final options.  There are so many really unique venues throughout New England and into New York.
                                                         (Jamie Collins Photography)
Well Wed magazine has a great selection of some of the very best wedding venues and professionals in the industry.  If you need help in finding the perfect venue, contact us.  We have years of experience and are always in the search of unique (and new) venues.

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