Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New reception venue in Farmington, Connecticut

By: Jessica Robinson

As a wedding and event designer, I'm always on the hunt for the new best thing.  Looking for new trends, colors, different decor options to suggest to clients and fabulous venues that are simply gorgeous!  Today, I found a few of those.  I'm practically jumping out of my skin to tell you about the new venue that is under construction in Farmington, Connecticut!

I can honestly tell you that I'm VERY hard to impress.  I'm a bit particular.  Which is why I almost died when I saw how gorgeous and spectacular this place is!!  Of course, they are still under construction so you'll have to sort of use your creative minds to visualize what the venue will look like in the end (we'll be photographing it in the next month or so to give you better visuals).    But, keep in mind... absolutely NO detail has been overlooked.  Everything has been thought of and more.  Just to make sure your day is special and completely about you.
Farmington Gardens is situated in historic Farmington, Connecticut on route 4.  It's housed in the old Lexington Gardens.  It has the most amazing landscaping and is a bit rustic chic.  It's also so very romantic and whimsical.  The facility is family owned and operated.  Which really means they care and are there to assist you throughout your planning process.

The grounds are going to be completely landscaped and you'll walk on a path of beautifully laid paving stones to get to your ceremony or cocktail hour.  They are adding a wonderful gazebo so you would be able to have an outdoor ceremony.  (you also have an option for a small tent outside if Mother Nature throws us some bad weather)  Or, a great option would be to have your ceremony inside the greenhouse space.  Visualize an evening affair in the summer or fall, overlooking the sparkling stars during cocktail hour.  They are offering white Chinese lanterns for added lighting in this space. (but again you have options here)
Cocktail hour is hosted in the renovated greenhouse, which gives you views of our wonderful New England sky!  It's really such a cool space.  A wonderful neutral color tile will be on the floors.  You can enjoy the outdoors even if the weather doesn't corporate with us!

What I LOVE about this space (is everything) and the fact that you can do what you want.  Whether that be round tables or long family style tables.  You have options with linens and how you want your day to go.  Because, the fact is.... it's YOUR day and it should be about you and the celebration of your marriage.  So many other facilities have become lost and too much of a drive through.  They have this mind set that "this is what we do".   Farmington Gardens is not like that.  SO flexible and accommodating.  AND as many of us ladies know, the bathrooms can be a breaking point.  Not here, they are simply gorgeous!  Granite counter tops, wall sconces, plenty of room, tile floors and such.
Farmington Gardens offers a private bridal suite for you to dress in along with it's own private bathroom.  No detail is overlooked at this venue!  They often will host only one event per day, making the that personal feeling even better.  Their state of the art kitchen will be offering the most tempting dishes for your guests to enjoy with the on-site chef.

The dinner area seats up to 342 guests and you have the option for round or rectangle tables.  The hammered flatware will go beautiful with the white china and silver chavari chairs with black chair cushions.  Beautiful hardwood floors will grace you as you enter the foyer area.  Guests will be completely in awe!  As you walk into the ballroom you are blown away (again) by how beautiful the space is and how big it is.  Very pretty but neutral colors are on the walls and in the carpet.  What a dramatic presentation!  I'm in love!

If you were on the hunt for the most beautiful venue, it's here.  I also LOVE that there is a separate area for cocktail hour and your dinner area can be revealed after.  As a designer, that is so very important.   Give Phillip a call soon to take your personal tour of the venue.

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