Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waterfalls: A Spa on the Farmington River

By: Jessica Robinson
I feel as though, with everything going on right now, we all need to take time for ourselves.  Life is too fast pace and rapidly spinning around us.  We need to close the world out for a bit, especially as strong working women and mothers.  With such a crazy busy life, I decided a few months ago that I need ME time.

The Axe factory is filled with wonderfully gifted artists, graphic designers, architects, photographers and such.  This past winter, Amie Gabriel opened her spa in the factory: Waterfalls: A Spa on the Farmington River.  Her spa overlooks the waterfalls that we are blessed to drive over everyday.  The factory is going to be going through a revitalization process over the next few years.  Bringing a wonderful historic property back to life and showcasing some wonderful artists and shops.

Amie's positive outlook and energy is incredible!  Her spa is one of the most relaxing spaces in the building.  Wonderful honey color vintage wood floors are beautiful and large windows let you soak in the spectacular views of the river.  She offers Swedish massages, organic body scrubs and fabulous facials.  Many of the products she has formulated herself.

If you haven't already called her to schedule sometime for yourself, do it now!  She's incredibly gifted at what she does and I'm excited to see what services she'll offer next.  I feel so very comfortable with Amie and has a sparkling personality.  Take some time and enjoy yourself.  Have a girls day out, maybe just for a facial or a full-spa day.

Her space makes you transcend into another world.  I just had the most amazing sugar scrub facial.  Everything she used was completely organic and edible.  My skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated!  I have to tell you that I'm completely addicted now!!  I cannot wait to see what types of treatments Amie offers next!

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