Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finding the perfect location

From the very beginning of my career I've LOVED finding the most romantic and unique facility for photo shoots!  We get to create over the top table settings and fabulous bouquets all in a new setting.  It really makes our creative minds work harder and think outside of the box.  Which I love! 

I adore coming up with new ideas and a complete challenge.  Photo shoots take a ton of work and collaborating with some pretty amazing wedding professionals.  This summer we are planning two photo shoots (thus far)....

One at La Cupola Ristorante & Inn located in the historic town of Litchfield, Connecticut.  It's grayish color stone building has fabulous big windows and overlooks the Bantam River along with a big pond.  It's beautiful landscaping brings the opportunity for couples to have photos taken while guests sip wine and sit absorbing the surroundings on granite benches.  Jamie Collins Photography will be capturing all of our images and we're working with the stylings of Sara Faella, Kelly's Sweet Rewards and Fizz Paperie.
The second photo shoot planned is with the talented Candace Jeffrey Photography and Larissa Lake Makeup Artist.  I'm in the search right now for the PERFECT location.  Something that speaks to my heart and soul of design.  I'm touring some properties early next week.

Some of my favorite venues are listed on our web site.  We've traveled all over New England and this year we go beyond New England and into New York.  Next year, we'll travel even farther to design some amazing weddings.  With every new venue we design at it brings new challenges and new inspiration.  That is a sweet thing!

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