Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In the details

I truly believe it is the little extra details that add to a wedding and make it more special.  Love is in the details of an event, such as adding hand written notes to your out of town guest bags.  This added touch graciously thanking them for traveling and sharing this very special time with you.  The fact that you took the time to add such personalized touches to your wedding or event (especially with the crazy busy planning of a wedding) will have a tremendous impact on your guests'.  Things you can do yourself add love and emotion to your wedding.

If you love to bake (like me), try baking cookies or brownies, package nicely in clear bags and add to your out of town guest bags.  Be sure and include the recipe for an added touch of detail.  Out of town guest bags or packages are a fabulous way of added appreciation for guests traveling.  Find an inexpensive canvas bags (try Reny's in Maine), burlap bags or cute little boxes.  Add fresh seasonal fruit, bottles of water, a homemade baked goodies, maps and brochures of area attractions.  It's such an unexpected surprise when your guests check into their hotel.  Ask your florist to deliver little bud vases or mason jars filled with seasonal flowers to add a little touch of life to the guest rooms.

If you are feeling creative and ambitious, try designing your own save the dates, menu cards and programs.  You'll find an incredible selection of paper at Paper Source.   You can design something and bring it to your local printer.  I love the look of letter press, an old style of printing which has become very popular right now.  Add detail with rhinestones, ribbon threaded through or real pressed leaves.

You will find as you plan your wedding, certain aspects are higher on your priority list than others.  It is imperative that you bring your own personality to the wedding and make it all your own. The once in a life opportunity to share such a wonderful commitment between tow individuals coming together as one is enormous.

What ever you do to add personalization to your event will help transform your wedding and make it unique.  Have fun, do things you love and everything will be wonderful.  Try not to stress too much and enjoy the fact that you are getting married!

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  1. All well said! Plus remember many hotels will allow deliver the welcome bags or your planner may drop them off too. :)