Thursday, June 3, 2010

Late summer wedding at St. Clement's Castle

This beautiful hand-tied bouquet has pink dahlias, raspberry and mango color mini calla lilies along with pieces of mini green hydrangea and kiwi vine twisted into it.  We added a few 'milva' and 'hot lady' roses for the touch of late summer.  I used a bronze ribbon with purple and gold weaved into it for a simple, yet stunning wrap around the stems.
The bride used hot pink as a wonderful accent color throughout the entire wedding.  Just look at her lovely hot pink shoes!  Even the gentlemen had hot pink calla lilies for their boutonnieres along with a touch of freshly harvested wheat.  I love adding different accents to boutonnieres and bouquets depending on the season.  For June and July we sometimes use unripe blueberries or raspberries.  During August and September I love hops, fresh herbs (sage leaves, mint, lavender and rosemary) and see pods.  For later in the season as fall approaches there are a ton of fabulous options including millet, rose hips and kangaroo paw.

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