Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gardening on our farm

As many of you know, our studio is situated on a small farm in Burlington, Connecticut.  We started this business looking at things very different than the traditional florist shop.  We are by appointment only and cater to our clients every need.  Doing such, we also only design for weddings and special events.  (so unfortunately, no you cannot order everyday flowers from our company or a fruit basket, etc.) 

All of our flowers are ordered specifically for each client's event, well in advance so we can make sure to get exactly what you want.  If we know ahead of time that you are looking for a certain flower (especially something that is not commercially grown) we'll plant it in our gardens and grow it with love, just for your wedding!  How personalized is that?!  Here I captured some of the honey bees enjoying the lavender that lines the sidewalk up to our studio.  Without bees pollinating our gardens, we wouldn't have all of these pretty flowers and certainly wouldn't have any of the fruits or vegetables we love to eat.
This year we expanded our herbs by adding more mint, thyme, rosemary and sage plants.  I love the fragrance of herbs on a boutonniere.  During June and early July, you'll find me picking unripe blueberries for that added touch of the garden and nature to boutonnieres.  A few years back, we added pink and white snowberries to our gardens since they are hard to find at the wholesalers.

What I love most about our shop and it's location is when a bride walks up the winding sidewalk to our studio and she gasps and says "this is just so beautiful!"  Many times that bride is coming from either New York or Boston, so the garden is a welcoming entrance.  I also love that I get to run out to the garden and pick that small flower or berry to add detail to bouquets and boutonnieres.  All the more detail, the better!

There are so many lovely blooms in our gardens during the summer into the fall months.  Dahlias, zinnias, statice, all sorts of herbs, blueberries, snowberries, Peegee hydrangea and lamb's ear are just a sampling of the flowers we grow and use in our events. 

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  1. That is the most innovative and fabulous idea, having flowers grown especially for one's wedding!! The lavendar above looks gorgeous!!