Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Simple branch centerpieces

For some facilities, with really high ceilings it's nice to add some height to your tables.  This will help fill up that empty space and create even more drama.  In general, tall centerpieces cost more.  There is more labor involved, almost double the amount of flowers in tall centerpieces vs. low ones and even the container cost more.  Transportation take more effort since the arrangements are in two pieces and assembled on site at the facility.  With everyone trying to cut costs or get as much for their money as they can, this simple centerpiece is perfect.
Two Manzanita branches in a 15" cylinder vase, filled with water and 15 stems of orange speckled mokara orchids at the top, along with 5 hanging luminaries.  It gives you the height and some color at the top of the branches without the huge costs of tall floral centerpieces.  For added glitz, you could add hanging crystals as well. (either in clear or even color crystals)


  1. Beautiful!!! How tall are these branches?? Do guests have trouble seeing around them??

  2. Quite beautiful centrepieces! Hope this information will help me in arranging my best friend’s wedding centrepiece. This event is being arranged at one of exotic Los Angeles wedding venues and hope to have a grand party.